How it works

Costbell is an instant low price finder that could help you save an extra 3% – 25% on your online purchases.

With a few simple steps we will help you maximum the savings on your online purchase:

  • Go to and enter the product you want to purchase. (try to include things like size and color to get a more accurate result)


  • Select your product.


  • Alternatively, you can upload a photo of the UPC or take a picture of the UPC to perform the search. (photo taking feature is only available on mobile site)


  • Now you should be able to see:
    • the price from top rated merchants
    • the maximum cashback you could get for shopping at this merchant
    • the best credit card to use for this purchase.
    • an estimate of your final cost for this purchase after all the cashbacks, rewards, etc. Remember, it is an estimate so the actual cost for your purchase may slightly vary.


  • If you click on the bell icon, we will provide you a detailed instruction that you can follow to get all those extra savings. No rocket science required!



That’s it! Click here to start using Costbell

There’s also a Chrome extension for desktop Chrome Browser:


Please leave a comment here if you have any questions or suggestions and we will get back to you soon.